O - HI - O

November 20, 2016

We're home after a really fun wekend of shows in OHIO.

Big ups to the rad folks from Bicentennial Bear, Eleven Plus Two = Twelve Plus One, Duo Decibel System, Sons Of Midori, Brat Curse and The Company Man for being so killer!  

Thank you to all the good people at the Big Room Bar, Annabell's and Blind Bob's for their incredible hospitality!  

And an especially huge thank you to all the good people who came out to the shows.  It was great catching up with so many old friends we haven't seen in a long time, and seeing so many new faces!

We hope you have a lovely holiday.  Now we have to get back to work and finish this record...





November 14, 2016

Thank you John for having us at Ironfest Saturday night, and to everyone who came out so support such a great cause!

This weekend we get back in the van for some shows through OHIO. 

After that it's back to the studio to finish mixing our new record.  Lots of new stuff coming in 2017!





September 12, 2016

The MEGA JAM Friday night was a total blast!

Thanks to the Northside Yacht Club, the bands who rocked, everyone who ripped the open skate, all the artists and the folks at Galaxie skate shop Able Projects & Sofaburn Records who did so much work to pull the event together. 

We especially want to thank Mike V, Kristian Svitak & the rest of the Streetplant crew (Joey Jett & Mark) for making a point to bring their tour to Cincinnati. We hope to see them down the road
 sooner rather than later.